Welcome to Torg's EL Bots page

Hi there. This is the base page for my bots Trinity, Deadbeef, LNX, LawAndOrder and CBot.
They exist in the MMORPG Eternal Lands and perform guild and general public functions.


Trinity: Trinity's online status
LNX: Retired  
LawAndOrder: Retired  
CBot: Not active  


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Trinity is a public resource for all EL players. Her main function is to answer "pc" (price check) requests. She also handles some guild functions.

Deadbeef is my "backup" bot for final testing of my bots with a larger audience (usually my guild). He is mostly used for side-by-side testing of Trin's new code.
LNX is a semi-retired private guildbot. He managed guild functions for the guild LNX and is based on LawAndOrder's code.

LawAndOrder is a retired private guildbot. He managed guild functions for the guild L&O.

CBot is the base source code of all my bots. I (mostly) maintain it, which is to say when I upgrade a generic feature, or fix a bug, this code gets back-ported to CBot. CBot is available as open source code to anyone interested.

These bots are written in C and are based on CrusadingKnight's Storebot code. You can find more information about each bot on their page.

Custom Bots

If you would like to have your very own bot, I'd love to help. Contact me (Torg) in-game via the forums, or email: torg AT grug.redirectme.net.


You can visit Trinity's website here.

You can visit LNX's website here.

You can visit Cbot's website here.

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